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About us

 - i Fiori di Barbi
We are an experienced team in the field of communication, marketing and art. After years of organising weddings, parties and special events, we can offer competitive options for every occasion and our enthusiasm is your guarantee of our reliability.

Nicoletta Castellaneta

Is a set designer who worked for Mediaset for 15 years as production director in the entertainment field and has always had a passion for organising and overseeing all aspects of modern art exhibitions.

Daniela Fiori

The inspirational heart of the team, she has vast knowledge and experience in the area of bouquets and flower arrangement and no one can create bows like her. She lives every moment of the wedding preparations with a passion and will dedicate hours to talking with a bride, reassuring her and helping her to overcome all the worries which inevitably accompany the organisation of such an important event.

Ginevra Barbi

The ‘party girl’ of the group, she worked for many years for the RAI, first as programme assistant, then as editor/ director, after which she turned her attention to the world of internet, planning and successfully launching a start-up company in the field of financial advice. For some years now she has been dividing her time between her twin passions of her children and organising special events.

Even though all three of us come from completely different and unconnected backgrounds and experience, our common passion for a career which constantly brings us into contact with people, satisfies our desire to resolve problems and gives us the enjoyment of facing a challenge always inspires us to create something novel, different and better.