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 - i Fiori di Barbi
Choosing the dress, finding the right balance between hair, makeup and your personality.

Expressing your particular style.

This is the magic formula which will guarantee that you feel confident, unique and absolutely beautiful when all eyes are on you.

To find your magic formula, our experts, in addition to finding the perfect atelier, will give you advice on every detail of your look, including makeup, hair, bon ton and how best to manage your day.

But style also includes everything you choose for your guests and is expressed in the search for perfect objects and their presentation; because it these details which will bring back memories of you and your special day.

However it is important not to rely solely on memory and for this reason we work with the best photographers, experts in capturing the emotions and the unforgettable moments of your wedding.


Atmosphere - i Fiori di Barbi

Our job is to make sure that every part of this special event flows smoothly, just like the success of a delicious recipe which depends on the choice and combination of ingredients.

The choice of music, décor, catering and 1001 other details are sensitively combined in such a way as to create feelings which everyone will take away with them after the celebrations.

We accompany you on this journey, every step of the way putting together all these details and respecting both your wishes and your budget.